Clash of Clans – Year in Review (yr 2021, 2022, 2023)

3D Animation

Studio: Waste Creative

Client: Supercell

Role: 3D Generalist

I joined the Waste Creative team as 3D generalist to work on the Clash of Clans animations. I modelled, textured various assets and made client oriented beauty renders.

For the Clash of Clans Year in Review 2022 Waste Creative created the Museum of 2022, which features the best moments of Clash of Clans that year. I worked on the plushy assets and the dragon skeleton textures.

Concept art of the plushies done by Waste Creative. The initial fuzzy look of the barbarian and archer plushies did not make it to the final animation due to increased render times of this effect.

Watch the full animation here!

As part of Waste Creative team for the Year in Review 2021, I created all of the food, cutlery and chalice 3D assets. As well as beauty renders of each item.

I used Maya for initial box-modelling and Zbrush for sculpting surface details for the Normal maps. Texturing was done in Substance Painter and lighting, beauty renders back in Maya using Arnold render engine.

Watch the full animation here!

I once again joined Waste Creative in 2023 for the Clash Royale: It’s Time To EVOLVE! animation. I worked on Royal Delivery box asset.

Surface details achieved in Zbrush and exported as Normal maps. Texturing was done using Substance Painter.

Watch the full animation here!

The Royal Delivery Box can be seen briefly at the beginning.