My name is Laine.

I help businesses reach their creative goals by handling the 3D side of AR, animation and visualization projects.

Based in London, UK.

What i do:

3D modelling


3D Lighting

3D Animation



primary tools:

Autodesk Maya + Arnold

Substance Painter/Designer


Adobe Suite


Reality Capture

additional proficiency:

Foundry Nuke

Cinema 4D

ACES Pipeline

Studios i work with:

Hoopla Digital, Waste Creative, Entourage Live, Digital Radish, Pixel Artworks, Pixel Circus

Other interests: Programming

I’ve always been interested in programming, data and tech. And have taken up to study a bit of Python programming. This resulted in writing a couple programs that read, analyze and graph various data. I greatly enjoyed the planning, understanding/breaking down the problems thoroughly and the problem solving elements that are involved in writing code. In a way this process is very similar to creative projects, just in a very different environment.

Check them out on GitHub:

Get in touch if you would like to discuss a project!