A personal project



Role: 3D Generalist, Concept artist

Self initiated creature design and 3d development project started as a study of Yeti groom plug-in for Maya. Responsible of all aspects from concept art to beauty render compositing in Nuke.

The main objectives of this project were to explore the Yeti plugin workflow in Maya and practice the full CGI pipeline with ACES system.

To be honest, this project was actually inspired by my love and fascination with big cats.

After completing the base “T-pose”, I used Zbrush to pose the model for final renders. The groom was then transferred to the posed mesh.

Lighting and rendering is done in Maya using Arnold render engine.

Behind the scenes:

My concept artwork featured a darker coat. However, during development I lightened it up to accentuate the rosette pattern.

Fur development progress renders.

A lot of attention was given to the mane, as it went through a few iterations. At first being rather cleanly clumped together and slightly curly. In the end I went with a more messy, non-uniform look.

The final Multi-Pass EXR files were composited in Nuke. I implemented the ACES pipeline.

Last but not least, lots of references were assembled and studied at the beginning :