Lego Minecraft, Lego Garage & Lego Technic

AR experience

Studio: Hoopla Digital

Client: Lego

Role: 3D Generalist


I worked as a part of Hoopla Digital team to bring to life multiple Lego AR projects. Worked closely with the developers, handled the 3D side of the projects and prepared the 3D assets for AR integration to be hosted on the 8th Wall.

For Lego Minecraft, I created and animated a total of 4 houses, 6 character, 8 animal, 4 enemy low-poly models, along with a few weapons and other small items. The animations were split into animation groups and exported as GLTF files.

To save on file size and simplify the development workflow, we opted to include all weapons into the playable character file. This way the weapons could be toggled on/off as necessary in-app.

LEGO Technic and LEGO Garage

I was responsible for the 3D side of Lego Garage and Lego Technic AR projects at Hoopla Digital.

This included low-poly 3D modelling and animating the vehicles and the lift.


All models involved an animation of assembly. Some vehicles had a second animation of driving around and returning to the original location.